What type of wedding ceremony do you want? Traditional, or something different. Protestant,
Catholic, Non-religious, Inter-Faith, Civil, Elopement, or commitment, we can perform any and all. It
helps us if you have a good idea  where you want to go, so we can tailor your ceremony to fit that
need. We specialize in Inter-Faith ceremonies. We make it simple so you can relax and enjoy the

Also, ask about the availability of our exclusive
PASTOR CAM service. Your wedding from a Pastors
Point of View, recorded and made available to you for your enjoyment. We also offer
consultations, so no matter where you are, we are available to you.

Our pricing reflects a professional approach to your ceremony, and is priced at the mid level for this
area.  We have a professional process that will assure you of a wonderful ceremony. It takes time,
approximately 40 hours, to interview the couple, research their particular wants for a ceremony,
create, plan, and write a custom made ceremony, revisions, rehearsals, travel, legal documentation
and storage, and marriage certificate creation. No off the rack ceremonies here. We are dedicated
to making sure you will have happy memories of your day for years to come. Our pricing reflects that
dedication to your needs and expectations.   

Pricing Schedule: 2018 Weddings: We accept Cash, Check, Most major credit cards.
Balance payment due 30 minutes before performance of ceremony.

All ceremonies require a non-refundable $50.00 booking deposit and contract in advance
to secure your date.

 Ultimate Gold Wedding Package   $350.00
          1. All creative meetings.
          2. Complete custom ceremony creation.
          3. As many consultations as needed.
          4. Officiant assistant use for ceremony.
          5. Rehearsal is included.
          6. Complete legal documentation processing and handling.
          7. 24/7 access to Officiant.
          8. All travel.

 Sterling Silver Wedding Package   $300.00
          1. All creative meetings.
          2. Standard, non-customized ceremony.
          3. Any and all consultations needed.
          4. Complete legal documentation, processing, and handling.
          5. 24/7 access to Officiant.

Courthouse style elopements   $250.00
          1. Ready made ceremony. No customizations.
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur only, NOT valid for Fri-Sat-Sun ceremonies.
          3. Other Restrictions apply. Please ask your Officiant.
          4. Very basic in and out type of ceremony.

In our history of operations, we have NEVER missed a ceremony.
                             We promise to be there!
* Remember, we NEVER let a fee stand in the way of a great wedding.
Services and Pricing
Serving the entire Metro Area with creative, and
innovative ceremonies.



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